70% of providers use e-prescribing through an EHR

The percent of physicians e-prescribing using an EHR increased from 7 percent in December 2008 to 70 percent in April 2014.Rx

The growth in e-prescribing has not been limited to physicians. In the same period, the percent of community pharmacies enabled to accept e-prescriptions grew from 76% to 96%. Nearly all community pharmacies are enabled to accept e-prescriptions in Delaware (99%) and Maine (99%).The growth of physicians and pharmacies e-prescribing has corresponded with a thirteen-fold increase in the growth of new and renewal prescriptions sent electronically. In 2008, only 4% of new and renewal prescriptions were sent electronically. In 2013, 57% of new and renewals prescriptions were sent electronically. Minnesota (89%), Wisconsin (83%), and Massachusetts (77%) had the highest rate of new and renewals sent electronically. However, the four states with highest volume of prescriptions — California, Texas, New York, and Florida — are all below the national average.





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