EHR Systems – Two monitors are better than one

An expanded view into your computer will aid in efficiency.


Gone are the days of flipping sheets in a paper chart to see lab results, past histories, medications, problems, etc. Today’s electronic version of flipping sheets often requires opening new windows on your screen, opening internet browsers, opening graphics and word files or just maneuvering to different parts of your EHR. With the amount of medical data now required to be available electronically, monitor screens are becoming cramped and viewing space becoming a valuable commodity. That is why Physicians who have adopted an EHR should consider going to a two monitor configuration.

“Additional Perspective” or “Let’s Broaden Our Horizons”

For a relatively low investment of around $150, you can help reduce the amount of time spent chasing information by doubling your viewing area. Most computers these days come “dual monitor” ready but if yours are not, a simple splitter can be used. While a second screen may seem overwhelming initially, most users quickly adjust and appreciate the ability to view multiple programs at once.

While the adoption of an EHR almost always causes an initial loss of productivity, a small investment in a second computer screen can help mitigate that loss.


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