Hardware Failure or Zombie Apocalypse, Is your Data Secure?

Data loss, for whatever reason, should be an inconvenience not a disaster. A good data backup plan will make the difference.


Online Backup Service vs Traditional Offsite Storagedata-backup-icon

Traditional data backup, sometimes referred to as remote data backup or offsite databackup, allows providers to back up data to a remote, offsite location. Cloud based data backup or online data backup allows providers to back up data over existing internet bandwidth. Combining the two gives your practice the ability to implement a data protection strategy that includes offsite storage of your data backup without requiring physical transportation of the data from your location to another remote storage location. Instead, you define your backup schedule, and the backup software will encrypt and send the data to a secure data center instantly, giving you easy offsite data protection.

If you are doing the backups and storing them offsite yourself, your going to be alone in an emergency. If you are using a third party then you have someone to turn to but are they up to the task? Not all backup providers are alike and your business cannot wait until a major data loss occurs to discover your backup provider cannot restore your data. This is even more important if you are using an EHR.

The next generation of backup providers are cloud based solutions. Utilizing the internet, these providers have the ability to respond quickly as there is no physical transporting of data in either the backup or restore processes. This not only allows for faster backups and recovery but also allows for cost savings.


How you can tell if your data storage solution or provider is “business class”:

  • Fast data backup – unrestricted Internet pipe to ensure quick, efficient data backup for all clients
  • Security is an essential component of every facet of service delivery
  • Multi-tiered monitoring and reporting
  • Calls fielded by experts, not call centers
  • 24/7/365 emergency restore support that is responsive, experienced, and professional
  • Advanced data backup and restore capabilities to handle complex issues when they arise
  • Familiarity and assistance with regulatory compliance
  • Assigned account managers to assist you


With the amount of data that today’s Physicians are required to store due to Practice Management, EHR/EMR and electronic billing systems; now would be a good time to review your data backup solution.


MAR Solutions is proud to partner with VaultLogix, a business-class remote data backup provider.  For information about the security controls and infrastructure that VaultLogix has in place, please go to


Pricing is based on the amount of storage your clinic requires.  Please contact MAR Solutions for your customized quote.  (800) 499-7027 ext 1

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