McKesson BPS Software NOT Affected by Heartbleed Bug

McKesson BPS Software NOT Affected by Heartbleed Bug


“McKesson Business Performance Services wishes to address any questions people may have about the “Heartbleed” OpenSSL bug in relation to our PM and EHR products. This vulnerability has not affected our products, nor has it affected the servers on which we host our products. Specifically, we have evaluated, tested and verified the safety of Practice Partner®, Medisoft®, Medisoft Clinical®, Lytec®, Lytec MD, McKesson Practice Choice™, InteGreat® EHR and InteGreat PM, and McKesson Practice Plus™ with respect to this bug.”

“The Heartbleed bug exploits a weakness in OpenSSL’s implementation of the SSL/TLS protocol. The products listed above do not use OpenSSL for SSL/TLS. This is the basis for their immunity to this bug, which was also confirmed by additional tests verifying the absence of the Heartbleed bug in these products.”



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