Practice Insight S2 Connection Issues Update

S2 Connection Issues Update
Update Aug 20 3:00pm CT: Update Aug 20 3:00pm CT: Practice Insight has addressed a problem with Apache on the S2 server. This should correct any HTTPS intermittent connectivity issues users may be experiencing. This will fix HTTPS claim loading errors and HTTPS eligibility connectivity. Practice Insight was getting reports from many eligibility users that they were seeing this error:

ERROR – Transactions Failed to Load. Verify file format.

This was an erroneous error as the files were valid 270’s. This should no longer be a problem now that the Apache issue has been corrected.We apologize for the inconvenience that issues with this server migration has caused. Thank you for patience and for partnering with Practice Insight. Should you have any remaining users that still have problems connecting to send claims or to send eligibility please contact support immediately 713-333-6000 or by email at

support .

Thank you for partnering with Practice Insight!

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