ICD10 will Slow Reimbursements, BillFlash Can Help Offset That


billflashThere is a long list of headaches in the medical billing world and one of the biggest challenges Providers will face today is getting paid in a timely fashion due to the ICD10 transition. You can help offset this cash crunch with BillFlash’s integrated billing and payment services. 

Speed up patient portion reimbursements!

BillFlash has been helping Providers to streamline billing and speed up the process of getting paid since 2002. With Billflash’s innovative services you will use your existing billing application to create a single billing file to upload. You will then review that file online to approve, reject or edit individual records or even the whole file before statements are sent.

Once approved by you, bills can be sent either by mail or electronically.


  • Send professionally printed bills via USPS First-Class Mail
  • Customize your template with accepted payment methods, messages, and color
  • Simplify payment processing with included payment coupons and return envelopes


  • Send cost-saving paperless bills securely accessed through MyProviderLink.com
  • Customize your template with: accepted payment methods and messages
  • Expedite payments through ePay at MyProviderLink.com

Sent bills are available online for fast retrieval when answering billing questions. No more wasted time chasing files.

Billflash fully integrates all your traditional payments received with all your bills sent including online payments (ePay).


  • Process traditional payments received through walk-in, mail, and phone
  • Payers can see OfficePays online at MyProviderLink.com
  • OfficePays are included in your consolidated Payments Report


  • Payers pay you online at our site MyProviderLink.com
  • Payers can send messages to you with their ePay
  • ePays are included in your consolidated Payments Report


  • Standard Delivery Report shows current status and details for each uploaded file.
  • Address Change Report shows any patients address changes filed with the USPS.
  • Bad Address Report shows any bills not sent due to a bad address on file.
  • Payment Reports show recent payments as well as payments broken down by month, quarter, and year.
  • Optional Payment Reports allow you to easily reconcile your billing records even if your billing application does not have automatic posting of payments received.

Find out how to speed up patient portion reimbursment while streamlining the time consuming, hair pulling process of sending your monthly bills by contacting MAR Solutions today.


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