Congress fails to delay ICD-10 beyond 10-1-2015

Congress recently failed to adopt language that would further delay ICD-10 leaving in place the current implementation date of October 1st, 2015. It is not likely that there will be any further changes to the ICD-10 implementation date.icd-10 sign

In order to avoid rejections or delays in reimbursements due to improper coding in claims submissions, providers need to act now. Add-ons to your current billing software are the easiest solutions to the inevitable billing code issues of ICD-10. For Lytec users, Encoder Pro is a viable solution. Providers can either purchase Lytec with Encoder Pro or update their current software to include the latest Encoder Pro to assist with the ICD-10 coding changes.  Encoder Pro for Lytec is only available for those who have the most current version of Lytec; levels Professional or Client/Server.  The version that integrates with Lytec is installed in with your Lytec and is not hosted on the Web like the standard Encoder Pro licenses.

Contact MAR Solutions for more information on Lytec and Encoder Pro.


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