ONC Certification revoked for two EHR products

For the first time ever, ONC has revoked an EHR’s Stage 1 Meaningful Use certification.


In a recent press release from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, two EHR’s were found to be incapable of meeting all of the Medicare / Medicaid Stage 1 Meaningful Use requirements and were subsequently de-certified.

Two electronic health records, previously certified as products to be used as part of the Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Programs, have had their certifications revoked. Farzad Mostashari, M.D., the national coordinator for health information technology, announced today that the products do not meet standards and providers cannot use these products to meet the requirements of the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive programs. EHRMagic-Ambulatory and EHRMagic-Inpatient, both developed by EHRMagic Inc. of Santa Fe Springs, Calif., no longer meet the EHR certification requirements.

“We and our certification bodies take complaints and our follow-up seriously. By revoking the certification of these EHR products, we are making sure that certified electronic health record products meet the requirements to protect patients and providers,” said Dr. Mostashari. “Because EHRMagic was unable to show that their EHR products met ONC’s certification requirements, their EHRs will no longer be certified under the ONC HIT Certification Program.”


This action was prompted by complaints that were filed claiming that these products could not meet certain Medicare / Medicaid EHR meaningful use requirements.

Carol Bean / Director, Office of Certification and Testing at ONC recently wrote,

”Part of ONC’s mission is to certify that electronic health record (EHR) products meet the standards and capabilities we have created. It’s a big job, and we take it seriously. Providers should be confident that when they buy and use a certified EHR, their product satisfies our requirements. That’s why we review any complaints we receive about these products and make sure they are addressed, even to the point of revoking certification when necessary. We are also going to monitor certified EHRs to determine whether they continue to meet our requirements. The doctors, hospitals and other providers that are adopting – and have already adopted – EHRs deserve this and should feel confident that the tools they are using are up to the job of helping their patients get the best care possible. If they don’t, we want to hear about it.”

This should emphasize the importance of dealing with EHR vendors and companies with histories of longevity and sustainability.  That new Medicare / Medicaid EHR software from a relatively unknown company may seem like a great deal but will they be around a few years from now?

I think some of us still remember the Delorean Motor Company.


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